SME Financing

SME Financing is targeted at businesses or individuals with certain resources (such as equipment, properties, land, part-finance, etc) but wish to expand their businesses through ethical investments. We provide non-interest co-financing, operations and management of shortlisted businesses.

We do not charge interest as it is a profit-sharing business model.

We do not charge interest as it is a profit-sharing business model.

Application Process

Below are the process involved to apply for SME Financing.

  • To apply, complete this application form
  • An acknowledgment email is sent to all applicants
  • Submission undergoes review.
  • Applicants whose applications are considered viable are then asked to forward reference forms to their referees
  • A project manager contacts the applicant
  • Applicant requirements are further reviewed based on additional findings
  • Agreed terms are indicated in Agreement, and forwarded for applicant’s review and execution
  • Funds are released in line with agreed terms.

Applicants Per Sector

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the difference between a loan and financing

A loan is mainly cash-to-cash transaction. Financing, unless for Qard Hasan, is usually tied to a product, an asset or a service. For SME financing, Leeds NG will either purchase the required item and you repay a mark-up price or it enters into a profit-sharing partnership with you on the business.

2. How long will it take before my application is approved?

This depends on the completeness of your application.

3. What factors determine whether my application is approved or otherwise?

This mainly depends on four factors:

a. credibility of the promoter/applicant- with respect to trust and requisite knowledge of the business

b. viability of the business

c. credibility of the referees submitted with the application.

d. level of the business operations