Who we are

Leeds Interlink Limited is a company registered with the CAC. The company commenced business operations with the production and processing of catfish in April 2013. The company later up-scaled into providing financing for other fish farmers so as meet up increasing demand for processed catfish.

With extensive knowledge in non-interest financing and competitive advantage in IT services, the Leeds Non-Interest Financing (LNIF) was later established as a department in 2015 to provide non-interest based financial services and a range of IT solutions to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals. Our product offerings are carefully designed to meet the exact needs of our clients.

We operate in a niche market and serve home-grown real sector businesses that are excluded from the traditional banking institutions due to various bureaucracies or charging of interests (Riba).

At Leeds, each client and transaction is treated with the uniqueness and attention it deserves. Our adoption of IT facilities in all aspects of our business process has helped us in up-scaling the business while reducing operational costs.

Officially commenced business operations in April 2013

  • Mainly to empower the financially excluded and serve SMEs markets
  • Key focus on ICT services, Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • Expansion into SME financing and business advisory services
  • Logistics and transport services

Our core values

  • Dependence on God for success
  • Great teamwork abilities
  • Identifying and serving a niche market
  • Leveraging on IT tools for many aspect of company businesses
  • Dynamic operations to meet changing business environment
  • Constant learning from different environments
  • Social Networking abilities across
  • Gradual market engagement approach

Our statistics

  • Dedicated staff and management team with full leverage on IT services for many aspect of company processes
  • Provided non-interest financing for 52 business transactions across 40 SMEs and individuals in different parts of Nigeria
  • Consulted for fish farms in Ghana and the Republic of Benin
  • Created and sustained jobs for 93 individuals mainly through the financed SME projects
how can we help you?

Contact us at the LEEDS Interlinks office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Accessing the loan was quite easy and I got approval within a week. One unique thing is that they pay directly to suppliers, not the client.

T. I. Ogunmola
Poultry Farmer, Igbogbo

Management Committee