Company milestone

Officially commenced business operations in April 2013

  • Mainly to empower the financially excluded and serve SMEs markets
  • Key focus on ICT services, Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • Expansion into SME financing and business advisory services
  • Logistics and transport services
  • Apr 2013

    Established fish farm unit

  • Jan 2014

    Consulted for fish farm business in Ghana

  • Aug 2014

    Established ICT centre

  • Feb 2015

    Consultancy to establish a fish pond in the Republic Benin

  • Jun 2015

    Establishment of the non-interest financing scheme for SMEs

  • Nov 2018

    Established transport and logistics unit

  • Dec 2019

    Increased fleet in transport unit

  • Apr 2020

    Established Leeds production centre

  • February 2021

    Established Hamana Fashion Brands

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Accessing the loan was quite easy and I got approval within a week. One unique thing is that they pay directly to suppliers, not the client.

T. I. Ogunmola
Poultry Farmer, Igbogbo

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