Apps & Training Services

We offer cut-edge professional services to support Small and Medium Scale (SME) Businesses.

1. Website design and mobile applications

Our IT team works with you and your team to develop tailor-made IT solutions that meet your needs.

Depending on your business needs, we are able to provide effective IT solution that enables you to scale up your business easily and meet your client needs in the most efficient manner.

Why Choose Leeds?

Leeds has a track record of competence and professional delivery of various solutions due to the top-notch capabilities of our onshore and offshore team which consists of seasoned IT professionals, finance experts and business development executives.

We are aware that not all users have equal access to the internet or IT services, and have thus developed mobile and web solutions that are compatible with, and accessible via mobile devices, at low data use.

Our mobile apps come in both Android and iOS forms, and are available on Google Playstore and iOS AppStore.

Some of our clients include Al-Azhar International College, Kogi; National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Ascension CS and many more in both private and public sectors.

2. Training services

Our team of expert provide training services on a range of offerings to make your business operate at global levels. To apply for any of our training suites, please complete the form below, and select your preferred training suite:

  • Basic Accounting for SMEs
  • Non-Interest Finance solutions
  • ICT Business Solutions for SMEs
  • Business Up-scaling
  • Business Strategy
  • Employee Management

Our Unique Training Proposition

Our courses are broken into short-term duration to enable you to review your learning progress thereby facilitating your increasing your competence.

Our practice-based approach also enables you to focus on what truly matters in  all training sessions thereby maximizing your time and lesson period.

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