Creative Minds

Creative Minds (CM) is targeted at entrepreneurs that do not have enough capital to start or expand their businesses. We provide non-interest financing towards such purposes to help you grow to your desired dream stage.

At LNIF, cash is not paid directly to the business owner but to suppliers and sellers of required equipment. We do not charge interest as it is a profit-sharing business model.

The entire application process, from submission of an application to funding, may be completed within a week!

The entire application process, from submission of application to fund release may be completed within a week!

Application Process

Below are the process involved to apply for the Creative Minds non-interest financing.

  • To apply, click the link provided here: application form
  • You will be redirected to the application form
  • An acknowledgement email is sent to all applicants
  • Submission undergoes review.
  • Applicants whose applications are considered viable are then asked to forward reference forms to their referees
  • A project manager visits the applicant
  • Applicant requirements are further reviewed based on additional findings
  • Agreed terms are indicated in Agreement, and forwarded for applicant’s review and execution
  • Funds are released to suppliers of the required components.

Applicants Per Sector

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Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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