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By drinking or using (eg spraying, bathing, etc) the BioDisc energised water, you’ll benefit as hereunder:

# It enhances the taste of food and beverages.
# Helps to improve sleep.
# Energises our body to be less fatigued.
# Helps balance the body and create a ‘Chi’ Life Force.
# The calming effects of the resonance increase mental cognition.
# Help to detoxify and hydrate all body cells.
# It reduces stress levels.
# It increases take-up of nutrients and food supplements.
# It increases oxygenation of the blood.
# It enhances the immune system of your body.
# Aiding Digestion
# Balancing body temperature
# Healing wounds
# Accelerating metabolism eg waste disposal (sweat, urine, stool, etc)
# Lubrication of joints
# Multiplication of skin cells
# Assist in pain relief,etc.

BioDisc energised water will remain energised for months not just 48 hours.
1. Fresh tasting invigorating water.
2. No more dry itchy skin.
3. Increases longevity of all body systems that use water.
4. Structured water increases minerals, medications or any other supplement absorption to 100 percent.
5. Eliminates polluting salts, chemicals or corrosive by-products.
6. Assists in the release of healthful vitamins & minerals to all life.
7. Structured water is the ultimate food.
8. Structured water is the Greatest medicine

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