Leeds Drone Training (LDT)

LDT is a student-focused training service aimed at positioning learners to be active players in a future where IT will be a game-changer and core factor in human processes.


This session is 100% practical and will ensure that each learner is able to fly the drone. The students’ sessions are recorded and will be edited and uploaded on the organization’s YouTube channels or store in other preferred location.

Leeds Digital Coverage of Events (LDCE)

LDCE is a one-stop coverage for your various events such as a wedding ceremony, inter-house sports or other events and activities. With our space flying drone technology, every action and moments are captured right as they happen. Our drones are able to move as fast as 20mph and could go as high as 400ft into the sky. This ensures excellent capturing of all motions in any situation. Rather than spend huge sums on event coverage using old video coverage techniques, our Drone technology enables you to combine video coverage of events and digital capturing.

We also offer free editing of these video clips and upload on your YouTube Channel or on a CD drive for your future reference and great memories! Our team of experts ensures utmost professionalism in the discharge of given tasks to ensure your events are given the best touch expected in the 21st century.

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