Leeds Solar-CCTV Financing Solution

Leeds Solar-CCTV Financing Solution (LSFS) for ALL homes

LSFS is an innovative SOLAR and CCTV solution for your home. LSFS offers unique opportunity for you to enjoy solar systems and power your devices and business while paying in installments. Our solar systems come in 500w,  1kw, 1.6kw,  2.5kw, 3.5kw, 5kw, 10kw, etc
With our CCTV-IP Camera solution, you are able to monitor happenings in different parts of your homes, businesses and offices or even farms via your phone or computer.
Our combined Solar-CCTV IP camera solution ensures you are able to provide electricity for your farms and monitor happenings 24-7 via your android or ios phones from any part of the world. The monitoring devices are powered via our solar systems.
We have a team of experts that handle the purchase, transportation and installation of these devices at your homes, business or farms. As usual with our practice at Leeds, we give your 12 months warranty on all products from us.
In addition, Leeds offers Shariah-compliant financing through FlexiPay, FlexiRent and FlexiSave to enable you enjoy these services immediately. You can also do outright purchase!
Features include:
1. Simple documentation (sc.leedsng.com)
2. 24 electricity supply while you pay in installments
3. Monitoring capabilities via your phone’s form any location
4. Sharia complaint services
5. 24 hour access to information via our online channel
6. Financing opportunities for up to  24months…and lots more.
Next step .
1. Visit Leedsng.com,
2. Select Solar-CCTV tab for a detailed information and explanations on the process,
3. and complete the online form.
4. One of our trained representative shall contact you via details provided.
For other range of products and services, please visit leedsng.com
More Inquiry? Call: 09065008267
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Leeds Solar-CCTV Financing Solution

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