LEEDS Reference Financing (LRF)

Leeds Non-Interest Financing (LNIF) has prided itself as a non-interest finance partner to reputable organizations and individuals. As part of the innovative strides and market surveys, we are pleased to introduce the Leeds Refereed Financing (LRF). LRF is designed to help working class and reputable individuals invest in third-party businesses or help third-party individuals acquire items or pay for services, either as a profit-based or charity system. Such third-party business or individuals could be relatives or non-relatives of the applicants.

LRF also helps applicants who wish to maintain proper supervision of the third-party businesses to do so through Leeds weekly reporting structure on clients (if the applicant desires such supervision or report).

How it works.

(1) You apply on behalf of the client (individual or business), indicating exact third-party details and business needs .click here: leedsng.com/musharakah. Where the third-party need is for personal purpose, you will complete the application form click here: leedsng.com/murabaha. Applicant indicates LRF (details of applicant), in the referee space available on the form; eg LRF(John Doe, jdoe@name.com, +2221897659)

(2) Leeds team reviews the application through its internal structure. With LRF model, more assessment is done on the applicant being the referee for the business. LNIF also reviews the business/need to ensure viability, and compliance with sharia-compliant provisions.

(3) If (2) is successful, Leeds sends repayment plan and agreement to the applicant on behalf of the third-party

(4) Fund is released to the third-party

(5) Applicant repays Leeds in weekly or monthly installments

Kindly reach us via info@leedsng.com for further clarifications and interactions.

More information Leeds Non-Interest Financing and ongoing projects are available via click here: nif.leedsng.com.

LEEDS Reference Financing (LRF)

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