LEEDS Amanat Target Savings Account (LATS)

LATS is a Shariah-compliant solution that enables you to fulfill savings towards purchase of desired items or for other personal or business purposes. With LATS you can make 50% contribution towards acquisition of desired items, payment of rent, Nikkah expenses, etc, and Leeds will add up the balance and purchase the item for you. You then repay the agreed markup fee. The Amanat savings helps you meet your financial needs with flexibility and convenience.

You decide what to save, when and desired use of your money. Where you only wish to keep the money with Leeds, then you will also be entitled to share of the profit realised on the use of your fund. Such funds are only invested low risk investments to ensure your capital and profit are secured, insha Allah.

Features include:
1. Simple documentation (leedsng.com/amanat)
2. Ability to save towards desired goal.
3. Flexible payment amount
4. Sharia complaint services
5. 24 hour access to information via our online channels
6. SMS confirmation on all payments to Leeds account.
7. Ease of conversion to purchase item and get additional finance from Leeds…and lots more.

Next step .
Just fill in our online enquiry form via leedsng.com/amanat and a LNIF representative will contact you.

For other finance products, visit nif.leedsng.com

Call: 09065008267

LEEDS Amanat Target Savings Account (LATS)

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